2-Minute Communicator for Communicators

Welcome to 2MC for Communicators, an on-demand video resource that teaches specific and usable skills in just two-minutes. Think of us as having a personal coach in your ear. 

This easy to use platform allows you to go to the series you need just in time, when you need it.  Each series has a number of 2-minute videos on a variety of topics related to the topic.  Simply go in and click to get what you need.

With over 100 videos in 19 Series (videos are added as new topics enter the conversation), 2MC for Communicators quickly leads to increased confidence and competence.

People leaders: look for the FPL prior to any video for a special focus on the topic from a manager's point of view. There are also series especially for your needs.

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19 Series

Business Writing

Writing is a critical skill for business success. This module covers important areas such as fundamentals and tone.

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The best communicators are the ones who know how to coach their business partners in becoming good communicators themselves. This module provides what you need to begin and improve these skills.

Communicating out of a Crisis

The crisis is coming to a close. Still so much to do so the organisation can get back to 'normal'.

Conflict Management

Most of us dislike conflict. However, it can bring about great things. Learn how to like it.

Presentation Skills

So many factors go into giving great presentations. As a communicator, your modeling good presenting is important to your credibility and visibility. This module provides many quick wins for presentation success.


Storytelling can be a useful tool in communicating. Learn how you can become a good storyteller and how you can encourage others to do the same.

FPL: Conducting Successful Interviews

One of your important roles as a leader is to bring in new talent. Make the most of this time by ensuring you hire the right people.

What you'll learn

  • Gain knowledge that directly applies to the work you do.
  • Develop skills necessary to be a great communication partner.
  • Identify new ways of working that elevate your communication position.
  • Produce better results from your partnerships and communication efforts.
  • Learn skills that set you apart from the rest.

The Instructors

Geri Rhoades

President, 2-minute Communicator