simplytrends Q3 2020

The rise of purpose-driven communications and the homebody economy is having an impact on how we need to communicate and engage our teams.

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The simplytrends report was launched early 2020 in response to the rapidly evolving covid situation. It is compiled by drawing on the data we gather directly from our 300+ simplycommunity members, 1,000+ event attendees, 7,800 + readers, and our simplypartners. 

We also explore the meta trends, the large forces, which are driving the significant changes we are seeing happening across the globe; shifting consumer and employee behaviours. By exploring these trends and listening to what our community is saying, we can then explore how these present themselves when it comes to workplace communications and engagement. 

This quarter, we share 5 key trends internal communicators need to be aware of. These are: 

  1. 360 Agility 
  2. Virtual Engagement 
  3. Digital, Everything 
  4. Employee Wellbeing 
  5. Age of Authenticity

360 Agility 

Following on from last quarter's trend on frictionless mobility, here we are seeing a rapid shift in business and operating models. A rise in contingent workforces and the swift introduction of workplace technologies means we need to ask ourselves: 

  • How do we quickly integrate contingent workers into the workplace? 
  • What's the employee journey look like? 
  • How do we protect the needs and reputation of our business? 

Virtual Engagement 

Our previous desires for balance and order in our lives has been realised. We've adapted and we've come together. Employee desire for changes to working practices is significant. But do we have the right technology to create true virtual teams? 

Digtal, Everything 

 With double-figure growth (at least) being seen across many sectors, the rise in the homebody economy means we are getting what we need to get done from home. What does this mean? 

  • Internal communication audits are on the rise - how do we know we're reaching people through the right means with the right messages? 
  • How we connect geo/ culturally dispersed teams remains a priority challenge 
  • Anticipate questions around tech ethics 

Employee Wellbeing 

This is much more than mental health. This is also about physical and financial wellbeing. The impact in the aftershock of the initial Covid crisis is going to be felt hard across all aspects of our lives. Those who have been shielding may find it hard to readjust. Families, individuals, who have lost income are going to be facing a new set of concerns.

Because we've spent a lot of time getting to know so many of our people on an individual level and the blurred lines between home and work life, we're seeing employers taking an increasing social support role. 

Age of Authenticity 

How people have been treated during the Covid crisis by their employer will stick. Justified optimism will be welcome, but people are actively seeking to work with purpose-driven organisations. No longer can we see the values posters on the wall, but we can feel the implications of how we're being treated.   

You can download the full report above. Within the report, we offer our view on key considerations we need to keep in mind as we transition to the next stage of the Covid crisis. 

If you'd like to chat about the trends, or to have a chat about what we've found, please feel free to get in touch! I'd love to hear from you. 

Lisa Pantelli

Director, Become Communications

I am a multiple award-winning employee engagement and internal communication specialist. 

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