SWOOP What Good Looks Like and How To Get There for Yammer

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Nic Goetz

Director of Sales, SWOOP Analytics

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Go to the profile of Frank Dias
6 months ago

Thank you for sharing. The download button doesn't seem to work for me. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Go to the profile of Nic Goetz
6 months ago

Hi Frank,

I just tried it and it opened up a new tab with the pdf. Are you using a blocker maybe?

Let me know if it works, alternatively, you can find the guide here: https://www.swoopanalytics.com/resources

Go to the profile of Frank Dias
6 months ago

Thanks for checking Nic. Nope still not working on the corporate or personal laptop nor on corporate or personal mobile. I can view it on the page and can go full-screen. Just not download it so I can flick through it as a PDF. I've emailed the SimplyCommunicate team but they must be very busy getting organised because they haven't responded to me. I'll check your link. Thank you.

Go to the profile of Lisa Pantelli
6 months ago

Hi Frank - sorry for the slow reply I’ve been in transit this morning on the way to the studio. Above the document, there is a button to download the pdf. Have you tried this? Otherwise bear with me and I’ll take a look shortly! 

Go to the profile of Frank Dias
6 months ago

Still doesn't work, but the good news is Nic's resource link above was perfect. Hopefully, I'm the only one experiencing this. Worth a check with others.

Go to the profile of Frank Dias
6 months ago
Really useful insights Nic and Swoop team. Thank you. My key takeaways:
  • Authenticity that all people write and own their posts. Don't ghost write.
  • Engagement - leaders need to listen to what people are talking about via Yammer. take the time first before joining in. Gather all the opinions and views
  • Write between 500 < 2000 characters (40 < 300 words) for engaging posts
  • Adding images to posts increases engagement (replies and likes)
  • Yammer's strength is as a conversation platform first and not as a megaphone (this is where our intranet and emails cater for the direct one-way comms). Megaphone vs hearing aid? "A very practical rule to get the balance right between talking and listening is the 1-2-3 rule: For every 1 post, make 2 replies and 3 likes."
  • Asking questions has a very significant impact on the response rate. collaboration and problem solving also starts with a question
  • When senior leaders ask genuine questions, they are showing everyone they participate, and encourage others to participate too.
  • power of @ mentions - people are responding more when we engage them directly in a conversation
  • Education, training and insight - Teaching people to write in a more engaging way using the (R)efer/(B)uild/Engage methods also increases participation. Refer/Build/Engage refers to a way to structure a post for maximum engagement. example: (R) @jamestyer, thanks for sharing your insights about employee engagement. I’m really interested to hear the results of that research! (B) We also use the @ a lot to activate people or to show people something valuable on the platform. (E) @caikjaer, do we have anything we can share with them on this topic?
  • @ mentions great for the recognition campaign
  • We need to help people change behaviours. Best to work with people who are interested first and in particular, us to target influencers, therefore there's a question about who are our influencers
  • Some good ideas about the type of questions for measuring:
    •  » Are the discussions relevant for current business challenges? » Is there an appropriate split between work and social groups? » Are the right people active? » Have we managed to connect people across geographic and functional areas in a way that drives better business outcomes? » Is the culture supportive of a transparency?
  • Swoop's summary of our aims in using Yammer as a unique engagement platform is: To make enterprises and individuals better at collaborating.
Go to the profile of Nic Goetz
6 months ago


Thank you so much, Frank