Why your intranet is so much more than a project

Everything you need to know about making it an ongoing success

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Far too many intranets fail and there are many reasons for this. But, broadly speaking, it is because there is too much focus on the implementation and not enough attention on the effort required to keep it going.

There’s nothing wrong with an out-of-the-box intranet solution – indeed, there are some truly fabulous ones out there and, arguably, you’d be mad to consider anything else these days - but when planning your successful solution, you have to think beyond the ‘lights and lasers’ of implementation, beyond the ‘jazz-hands’ day you launch your ‘new’
intranet. Beyond the day your product vendor moves on to his or her next sale.

In this guide, we discuss the things that are really useful to know before you start your intranet or digital workspace project and before you send out your RFP. These are the things that will make the difference between success and failure, delight and disillusion, engagement and frustration.

This guide focuses on the things we know are essential if your intranet is to really take off.

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