82% of UK businesses want remote working to stay

Video conferencing platform Whereby, reveals 65% of businesses will be downsizing and changing their approach to office space once lockdown is lifted.

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While the urgency surrounding the pandemic may seem to be declining with employees back to their daily commute, research from Whereby, indicates that the majority of businesses plan to maintain the remote working patterns introduced during the lockdown. 

The survey of 1,500 British professionals, also found 65% of businesses have plans to downsize or change office space once the lockdown is lifted. 

Chief executive of Bishopsgate Financial, Mike Hampson announced all 18 members of staff at the company will be working from home indefinitely as they close their London office.

Organisations have received positive feedback from their employees about their work from home experiences, such as increased productivity and a boost in confidence.

Founder and director of Studio Graphene, Ritam Gandhi said: “Remote working was always going to become more common in the years ahead, but now it has been abruptly thrust upon us. While many businesses already embraced more flexible ways of working, there are some that are only just realising the wide-reaching benefits and challenges it presents. And this research reveals that organisations are now facing unprecedented demand for lasting changes – ones that will create a healthier work-life balance and boost morale. This will not be an easy transition to manage – particularly for those who didn’t offer flexible working before the lockdown. It’s important businesses ensure employees are fully equipped to work from home, which includes investing in hardware and software, especially communication tools. Indeed, Studio Graphene recently found that 29% of employees feel out of the loop from the rest of their organisation while working remotely. Further, an open and honest company culture will prove invaluable if remote working is to be effective in the long-term. Once restrictions are lifted, we can expect more requests for permanent flexible working arrangements. And take note: businesses that ignore these calls risk losing their talent to more progressive competitors.”

At simply, our team has been working remotely since the government lockdown announcement in March. During this time, we have seen the benefits and potential issues that have come from working remotely, this is why we will be holding a roundtable in August bringing together in-house professionals to share their plans and experiences for returning back to the workplace

Check out our July events to join a community roundtable on how we transition back to the workplace. 


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