Are you ready for a Superhuman email shake-up?

As businesses - and their people - seek to drive efficiencies and deploy enterprise technologies which enable optimum flexible working, we were interested to learn about a new start-up, Superhuman, which has ambitious plans to shake-up our email experience.

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As the dust somewhat starts to settle on what has been a rollercoaster few months and as businesses seek to find a sustainable way future, many employees are struggling with information overload; be it from the never-ending video calls or the volume of emails we receive. 

Tasks which may have taken minutes to complete, often as a result of a conversation between colleagues in the office, it's perhaps no surprise that a recent report by PoliteMail found 93% of internal communicators have turned to email as the primary channel to reach employees who are eager to return to the workplace. 

In an interview with the CEO of a startup called Superhuman, we were inspired to hear how one business is trying to make 'the most beautiful email experience ever made'. Email, beautiful? Our interest was piqued.

During the interview in Wired UK, Superhuman's CEO Rahul Vohra explained how his company is working to revolutionise the way email is used to collaborate and can rival tools such as Slack in the marketplace.

Superhuman aims to help its clients get through their email faster. Users pay a monthly subscription for help managing their inbox. 

Vohra explains why now enterprises are willing to pay to simplify their email and transform it into a tool for collaboration; it's all in the feeling. e explained: "Paul Graham, the co-founder of Y Combinator, came up with a concept he called “schlep blindness”. Our brains protect us from seeing problems that seem too large and too scary. With email, we’ve had two generations of founders who looked at the problem and subconsciously at the back of their minds they thought, no, too hard. I’m about seven years into Superhuman and have previously sold a company in the email space, and I think we’ve now managed to overcome that schlep blindness. Even if you’re going up against Gmail and Microsoft, you can actually change the way that email feels. And this is something founders have just assumed was not possible in the past"

Vohra further elaborated that some collaborative tools such as slack get us in the habit of checking our notifications, but when playing with how the email looks, feels and plays, they can help transform how we use email for wider collaboration. 

"Think about how you actually use your email right now. It’s a very basic medium, but we’re doing these very complicated things. For example, we’re giving and receiving tasks, we’re sending quick status updates by saying how we’re getting on with something, we’re scheduling by arranging meetings, we’re sharing files. I could go on, but even if you just took those use cases, you could imagine building more powerful collaborative tooling around each of them and so changing the way that email looks, feels and plays."

We're certainly inspired and will be taking a closer look. 

For the full interview, click here.


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