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Every organisation – including yours – is changing rapidly into a virtual enterprise as the pandemic forces all of us to work remotely or in smaller teams. But over the past months of the crisis, there has been little time to think and even less time to take stock. 

When people finally return to the office (at least part-time), it will be those businesses that best combine technology with human engagement that will be the gold standard. 

With the rapid acceleration of new software and tools, the scattering of the workforce, and an increased focus on improved employee experience, the digital workplace market has seen more growth in the past 4 months than in the previous 4 years. That shift to digital will only get faster as companies around the world embrace new digital channels and upgrade their intranets to make them personalized and user-centric. 

The need for organisational transition towards more robust and streamlined technologies has never been greater. 

Introducing the Bionic Business – moving towards a hi-tech, hi-touch future 

Now that millions of previously office-based workers are operating from home, the roles of the internal communication, HR and IT communities have never been more important. CEOs need to know how engaged staff are; COOs need to how and when work is being done; Sales and Marketing Directors want to know what customers are saying and feeling. The digital workplace has become the eyes, ears, and central nervous system of every organisation.  

But we cannot succeed through technology alone. We have to connect these powerful new tools to our colleagues to help them transform the way they connect, communicate and collaborate. We have to become bionic businesses. 

Introducing the simplysummit 

Although in-person events are still impossible for us to host, rather than wait until we can meet up, we are creating our next global virtual event; the simplysummit on November 19th.   

At this year’s summit, we will present the findings from our Bionic Business research sharing with you the traits which make up the tools, behaviours and strategies for the next era of communication and engagement. 

Our goal for this year’s summit is to share best practice and learnings whilst challenging existing thinking and introduce new concepts which will turn our world on its head.  

Are you ready for the next era of communication and engagement? 

Don't forget to book your ticket! Get in touch with Stew Donovan to claim yours. 

Marc Wright

Founder, simplycommunicate

I am the founder of simplycommunicate. I started my career in TV but soon fell in love with the art and science of internal communication. I ran and eventually owned a couple of agencies - Crown Business Communications and MCA Live before selling the latter to WPP. I have written and produced two series for the BBC TV: 20 Steps to Better Management and Inside Europe. I edited the Gower Handbook to Internal Communication and am a Past Chair of IABC Europe & Middle East.

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