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Just over a year ago, Tara Regan Overton, Director of Internal Communications at Interxion, decided the time was right to introduce a collaborative business platform to enable the business to achieve its ambitious growth plans. Central to this was the ability to communicate with and engage their 1000+ workforce encouraging knowledge sharing and collaboration regardless of geographical location. 

She wanted to minimise the time and resources required from IT colleagues, so her solution needed to be quick and easy to implement as well as intuitive to use. This meant that the ideal solution would be SharePoint based, with consumer-grade functionality and it had to work brilliantly on mobile.    

Interxion’s expansion plans continue to be driven by a growing demand for their products and services. Like most businesses, the need to drive efficiency and put customer focus at the heart of everything they do is central to their approach. This means ensuring their people plan is right, including the need to: 


  • Improve productivity and efficiency by ensuring the information that people need to do their jobs is up-to-date and accessible. 
  • Give the Executive Team a stronger voice in every global location.  
  • Enable everyone to easily communicate and collaborate about business priorities, 24/7. 
  • Ensure people are engaged and aligned around big infrastructure projects.  
  • Build on their unique culture, which is driven by the company’s strong values and its people. 
  • Attract and retain the very best people in a competitive skills market.  


“Beezy was by far and away the best fit to meet all of our business requirements and we couldn’t believe how easy it was to build. In fact, the platform was up and running and ready to use in about 4 weeks.” 

A digital workplace like Beezy understands the need for a more holistic approach to communications; one that encourages users to take initiative, collaborate, and share information.

With blogging capability alongside newsfeed technology IC teams can communicate in a way that delivers a personalised, visually appealing experience and allows employees to interact, share, and provide direct feedback. Day to day collaboration, Community interaction and, Q&A sessions are all a breeze.

It is unsurprising that Beezy has won a trough of awards, including Best Digital Workplace 2019 and 2020. This reflects Beezy’s capability in unifying not only the various Microsoft tools but also integrating seamlessly with virtually all other third party commonly used business applications “with flair”. 

Interxion have called their digital workplace conneXion, and adoption is growing day-by-day. The senior management team has committed to using conneXion as the only place to share key information such as quarterly results and, helpfully, when there was an important merger late in 2019, all the information that employees needed to know was published only through the site. With the use of communities, employees had the chance to ask questions about the merger and results online.

It is fast becoming the go-to place for people to find the information they need. While InterXion retains some other platforms, everything is signposted from conneXion making it the place where everyone starts and finishes their day. 

All in all, it’s an attractive, highly customisable, quick to deploy solution that combines the engagement of social collaboration with the structure of a robust knowledge base. 

For more information on this case study and why Interxion chose Beezy, click here.

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