ClearBox announces Employee App Choices 2021

ClearBox Consulting, the digital workplace specialists, have put together a list of the employee apps to watch this year.

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The idea behind the Choices is that there are no winners or ‘the best’ app, but a group of solutions that will include the one most suited to your needs.

The list provides much-needed signposting for companies to choose what to invest in. ClearBox advise decision makers to research their options in terms of requirements and strategy, before selecting their best match.

Here are the employee apps that stand out above the rest, split into five categories by location or specification.

Employee App Choice: Europe

Actimo rivals competitors because of its excellent training and performance management facilities. The app offers admins extra control over the look and feel for a personalised experience.

Beekeeper is an app that boasts simple but effective communication. It has analytics for each campaign and stream, as well as strong chat and social tools for firstline workers.

Employee App Choice – North America

Dynamic Signal is a solution that offers practical features such as displaying shift schedules and payslips. The app gives businesses insight with audience targeting and integration via various comms channels.

SocialChorus is great for campaigns and providing a visual approach to internal comms. It has a flexible news creation capability and includes impressive analytics.

Employee App Choice – Global

Staffbase is named as one of the top scoring products this year, with ClearBox praising its ‘good price-to-capability ratio.’ The impressive experience for all users across the app makes Staffbase the only choice in this category.

Employee App Choice – Digital Workplace

Blink offers excellent integration options and practical tools, providing employees with a pocket-sized solution that has access to other third-party software. According to ClearBox, this comes pretty close to being a full digital workplace.

Employee App Choice – Value provides users with a variety of helpful templates for writing messages, making for a great end-user experience. It also has an attractive price point and is newer to the market than the other apps.

Speakap also got a special mention, with improved analytics and updated search capabilities since last year’s ClearBox awards.

Suzie Robinson from ClearBox Consulting said: "Employee mobile app products are fantastic at reaching colleagues wherever they are, which not only helps with engagement but allows them to do their jobs more easily. Our Employee App Choice winners highlight seven products that we feel stand out of this busy, complex market, and deliver a fantastic digital employee experience in their own unique ways.”




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