ClearBox releases its new Employee Apps report: An independent assessment of employee app tools

Workplace specialist ClearBox Consulting has released a report that explores the best 22 employee apps that organisations can purchase to keep employee engagement and productivity strong.

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The report, that is available for purchase here, explores 22 employee apps, providing an in-depth review on 17 and cataloguing a further 5 more, so organisations and professionals are up to speed on the latest employee communication tools.

Communicating and collaborating effectively is more important now than ever, due to a shakeup in the workplace since Covid-19. Engaging with frontline workers can be particularly challenging, as they are unable to work remotely. Traditional intranets may not cater to the full needs in this situation, so efficient mobile apps can help bridge this gap. The ease of deployment of these apps makes it easy for a workplace to still work together, anytime, anywhere.

Marc Wright, founder at simply said: "The Clearbox Report has long been the bible for reviews of out-of-the-box intranets. An objective guide to the smaller market of employee apps has long been overdue and this Report is going straight into our toolbox for when we advise clients and members on how to reach the great unwired."

The report highlights each apps features and benefits that are assessed against nine common business scenarios, so employers are able to pick the most suitable product for their team. The report covers apps from international and local providers. Screenshots of the apps in action, price bands, and details of analytics are also in the report to give companies a full understanding of the app capabilities.

Lisa Pantelli head of content and community at simply said: "we know from speaking with our members, and from industry research, the use of digital employee communication tools is rising rapidly. And rightly so. We would encourage those who are looking to introduce a new platform to place careful consideration of what their needs are. Don't be tempted at face value of what looks and sounds like a great product - it may very well be - but regularly ask yourself, is this going to solve the problem you're trying to address? Will it give you the shift in communication and engagement you want to see?"

Some of the apps reviewed in the report are Yammer, Speakap, Actimo and Flex-Appeal.

About ClearBox Consulting

ClearBox Consulting has over six year’s of research experience, having published their SharePoint intranet report since 2015. They offer services that look at business challenges in the digital workplace and run in-house and masterclass training workshops.


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