Cracking the code for remote teams by UNLEASH and Personio

Last week, we attended a webinar by HR leaders UNLEASH, to learn how to crack the code for remote teams from Angelina Gentili, Head of People Ops at Personio.

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Written by Laura Riaz

The way in which Personio, providers of an all-in-one HR solution, operated during the pandemic formed a case study for this insightful UNLEASH webinar.

Personio onboarded 380 employees during Covid and has opened two new offices in recent months. Angelina presented eight key learnings during the session, that provide food for thought for internal communicators.

Here are the top learnings that Personio shared as the key to engaging remote teams.

  1. One size doesn’t fit all. Some teams struggle working remotely, whilst others thrive. It was important to offer flexibility, regular covid tests, masks and social distancing for those who want to come into the office. Leaders should remember that some employees don’t feel safe being in the office.

  2. There are multiple personalities: introverts vs extroverts. Diversity by gender was too oversimplified and it became clear that different types of personalities need different ways of working. Leaders need to find the right communication styles for these two personalities.

  3. People have different work styles. Some employees need more guidance and reassurance, whereas others are more independent. It’s not obvious who is who, which is why it’s vital to get to know your teams. For example, Personio supported parents whilst schools were closed with the same salary and increased leave by 10 days to cover child sick days.

  4. Engage the workforce with collaboration tools. Keep meetings short and on topic, using tools such as Miro to boost team input. If your meeting has no clear agenda, cut it out. As a leader, it’s important not to leave people hanging or ghost your team, because it’s so easy to feel isolated when working remotely.

  5. Let employees try out their ideas. Increase creative solutions and a feeling of belonging by giving individuals the opportunity to have a voice. Maintain a flat hierarchy to attract great ideas that may be implemented in the future.

  6. Encourage your team to think big. A continuation of the second point – part of this is to give a voice to introverts and a safe place for them to ask for help. The same goes for extroverts, as thinking big within a team will encourage others to share their ideas too.

  7. Foster your team spirit. Find out who you are as a team and use that team spirit to boost morale and create a strategy for company success. This could be through team-building exercises, or shared passions as described in the next point!

  8. Socialising after working hours. Personio created a fun community feel for their team by creating the idea for cooking with colleagues remotely. The initiative, called ‘from our kitchens to yours’, is a recipe book put together by employees.

Have you got any learnings from working remotely over the last year that you’d like to share? Comment below or share within the simplycommunity!



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4 months ago

I love the remote cooking idea. I used this fantastic site to keep me sane over lockdown.