Do you know how effective your people managers communication skills are?

Take part in a global study to find out how your people managers communications skills compare.

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Line managers are the most important linchpin in the communication wheel. And as communicators, we have an important role in helping them to build the skills they need and the confidence they want.  

In the hundreds of communication audits we have delivered, line managers remain a critical source of communication for employees. In today’s world, with an increased demand for guiding their teams through the crisis to the other side, there is so much at risk now more than ever.  

Remote working has increased the amount of communication necessary for achieving our new goals and objectives. With two-thirds of managers uncomfortable communicating, how do we increase their confidence in this critical area for success? 

We are therefore delighted to announce an exclusive UK and European-wide partnership with Geri Rhoades, founder of 2-Minute Communicators, to support our internal communication community on this journey.  

Do you know how your people managers are faring?  

Find out how effective your line managers are at communicating by encouraging them to take part in a FREE assessment. It takes 10 minutes to complete and participants will receive an individual, and confidential report. 

Based on a 10-competency framework steeped in research, this assessment is for you if:  

  • You are a people manager 
  • You want to assess the communication competencies of your people managers 
  • You would like a free report offering you recommendations for areas of immediate improvement. 
  • You want to understand the strengths and areas of improvement of a variety of specific competencies, that will allow your managers to take a focused approach in improving their communication capabilities. 

Take part today and find out the results of the research at simplyIC in May

Take the assessment here


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