Dropbox is the latest SaaS firm to announce a working practice rethink

At TechCrunch Disrupt, Dropbox CEO and co-founder Drew Houston said that Covid-19 has accelerated a shift to distributed work for the company, a move they had been considering for a while.

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“When you think more broadly about the effects of the shift to distributed work, it will be felt well beyond when we go back to the office. So we’ve gone through a one-way door. This is maybe one of the biggest changes to knowledge work since that term was invented in 1959" said Houston.

During the pandemic, Dropbox has closed their offices and have adjusted to working from home. Houston mentioned that when the pandemic hit, he was in the same boat as everyone else and there is no "blueprint" to follow.

Having spent time assessing the progress of this new set up over a 6 month period, the firm recognised that it is time for a shift and a reinvention of what this means for their business.

“There’s no playbook for running a company during a global pandemic so you have to start with making sure you’re taking care of your customers, taking care of your employees. There are so many people whose lives have been turned upside down in so many ways.”

Dropbox customers have asking for new workflows and ways of working; providing an opportunity for the company to design new tools to cater to customer needs and adapt to the changing landscape.

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