DRPG launch whitepaper on Broadcast Communications

Creative communications group DRPG have released a whitepaper on broadcast communications, highlighting why now more than ever, it’s time businesses looked at more inventive ways to keep communication with their workers.

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The Value of Broadcast Communications was researched and written by Callum Gill, who is head of insight and innovation at the group. The whitepaper contains insightful analysis on crisis communications and audience statistics, with a mention of entertainment platforms such as Netflix, to further communicate that broadcasting to your workforce is worth investing in.

Gill said, “In 2020, video broadcasting is the planet’s go to communication and entertainment medium ready to be implemented seamlessly into any business’ communications strategy. The trouble begins when people see it as a replacement or substitution, and not the fully developed and familiar channel it is. Robust and reliable technology has been available for years and now that it has become business critical to utilise it, we have overcome the greatest barrier to creating communications broadcast strategies for all businesses.”

Callum Gill

“This whitepaper comes at a time when brands around the world are being forced to adapt quickly, looking outside their comfort zones for new methods of interacting with their audiences both internal and external. The research laid out in this document should go some way to allaying fears around this medium and helping businesses to see the value in embracing the virtual.”

Gill is spot on. In the midst of Covid-19, many organisations have had to adapt immediately to new technologies and approaches in order to regain control of the reigns in their business. With enterprise software and video communications becoming crucial, the battle is on to keep employees engaged and productive.

Conferences and events around the world are also tapping into virtual solutions. At simply, we ourselves are launching our first virtual conference to our global community, simplyIC live that takes place on May 21st.

You can download DRPG’s whitepaper The value of Broadcast Communications here.

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