Entrepreneur converts offices into cubes for post-Covid working

A Chinese multimillionaire is converting 20 offices into 2,000 individual work pods known as "cubes" in east London where people can work in a post-Covid world.

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The pods are 3m x 3m and come with their own kettle, fridge, microwave, video screen, desk, chair and even fold-out bed, so you can work safely and feel right at home.

Known as cube city, a multimillionaire come entrepreneur called Xu Weiping, plans to convert all of his £1.7bn 35-acre regeneration project in east London into more than 10,000 pods if the idea proves popular.

If the cubes, which feature a kettle, fridge, microwave, video screen and fold-down bed as well as a chair and desk, prove popular Xu plans to convert all of his £1.7bn 35-acre regeneration project in east London into more than 10,000 of the individual cubes.

He said: “Inside this cube, the person can do their work but also have a rest and relax. The cube is equipped with a multifunctional wall, including a coffee maker, a mini fridge and a day bed, which can all be hidden away when working.”

Xu has said that a prototype cube office will open as a showroom within the next couple of months and the first tenants could start to arrive in the autumn of this year. A price for a cube has yet to be confirmed, but Xu has commented they could cost between £800 and £1,600 monthly, which puts the offices at a higher rate than a traditional laid-out office. Xu explains that his cubes “will offer more amenities and be of much higher quality”.

During the pandemic, more and more companies opted to carry on with the new normal and some have even started looking at significantly reducing their office space for the foreseeable future, just like BP, which we highlighted in a recent news story.

Xu Weiping further commented: “We will be targeting customers who are reluctant to return to their normal office environment, even though the government is calling for workers to go back to the office, people aren’t going. We all want an individual space. This will be an individual space that incorporates the benefits of home working.”


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