FUELing employee advocacy at Southern Company Gas

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At a simplypresents event we hosted in partnership with SocialChorus, we were given exclusive access to the Director of Internal Communication at Southern Company Gas J.P. Salman who shared his story of the launch of FUEL, their recently launched employee communications platform.

In this interview, we were joined by Rachel Williams, strategic advisor at SocialChorus and Marc Wright, founder of simply-communicate.com to find out more about FUEL.

Southern Company Gas provides efficient natural gas solutions for approximately 4.2 million customers across the United States of America.

Employing over 4,500 people, the firm’s ambition is to become the most innovative energy business within the energy sector. While for many the focus of this may predominantly be on sales and operations, this ambition extends – or rather, starts with their employees.

For this ambition to be realised, the leadership team recognised that they needed to transform the way they communicate internally to meet the changing needs of their workforce. With 60% field-based with little or no access to internet or email, plus a shift in employee needs as millennials and younger generations came into the workforce, getting the right technology solution was the key to realising this transformation successfully.

Seeking out a best in class solution, Southern Company Gas chose SocialChorus as their platform partner.

Recognising the opportunity to harness the power data and analytics can apply to strategy, the team were drawn by SocialChorus’ proprietary Communication Transformation Model. The approach offered more than just a technological solution. Working collaboratively, the 8-step process encourages adoption and positive engagement of the new channel by putting data and content at the heart of the communication strategy.

This included understanding people’s communication needs, whether they would be open to using their own device to access the platform and what content they were interested in.

The results? Since the launch of FUEL, the team behind the project, have achieved an adoption rate of 85% and a retention rate of 90%.  

Sitting behind all of this is a data-informed content strategy that includes the use of videos and user-generated content. Furthermore, with the gusto of the company’s leadership behind FUEL, internal and external employee advocacy is on the rise with employees sharing Southern Company Gas content via their own social channels.

J.P. Salman, Director of Internal Communications at Southern Company Gas said: “the results and the level of engagement and the response we’ve had to this platform has been incredible. And truly rewarding. As a result, we can provide an even higher level of strategic counsel to our internal business partners, turning company strategy into action AND to help determine what company strategy should be.”

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