Gallagher's State of the Sector Webinar

Each year the State of the Sector survey from Gallagher is eagerly awaited. n Tuesday we get the authors to peel back the juiciest findings

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Gallagher’s State of the Sector survey is an exploration of the internal communication and employee engagement landscape. The findings from this year’s report identified four core themes:  

  • Digital experience: how have organisations adapted their communication channels to the new environment, and with what success? 
  • Employee experience (EX): are employers actually embracing this, and how well are they implementing the different components of EX? 
  • Transformation: what changes are organisations going through, and what does good like when it comes to keeping employees on side during a business transformation? 
  • Insight: how are employers turning data into actions, and what are the barriers to measuring the impact and effectiveness of communication? 

At this exclusive simplycommunity member session,  the Gallagher team will share their findings which relate specifically to the role of IC in the digital workplace. 

Get your tickets here, simplycommunity members go free!

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