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We interview Geri Rhoades PhD about her training programme that is used by line managers to build their communications skills - 2 minutes at a time.

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2 Minute Communicator is a 10-competency framework steeped in research, created by Geri Rhoades, PhD, a leader in the communications industry for over 30 years. Geri will also be speaking on this topic at #simplyIC on 20th May.

If you want to assess the communication competencies of your people managers and understand both their strengths and areas for improvement, you could benefit from a report full of helpful insight and recommendations. Watch the 15-minute interview with Geri to find out more.


Marc Wright

Founder, simplycommunicate

I am the founder of simplycommunicate. I started my career in TV but soon fell in love with the art and science of internal communication. I ran and eventually owned a couple of agencies - Crown Business Communications and MCA Live before selling the latter to WPP. I have written and produced two series for the BBC TV: 20 Steps to Better Management and Inside Europe. I edited the Gower Handbook to Internal Communication and am a Past Chair of IABC Europe & Middle East.

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