How Keysight Technologies made the Best Intranets of 2021 list using Attollo

Following on from the announcement last week that Keysight Technologies won a place in the NNG Best Intranets of 2021 list, we explore how the company used SharePoint specialists, Attollo Intranet, to relaunch their intranet.

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Brianne McClure, Brand Marketing Content Manager at Keysight Technologies, ran the project singlehandedly, with seven days to choose a provider to get it off the ground.

With limited time and the budget window closing, Brianne started the project by searching for an intranet provider and found Attollo, run by SharePoint expert, Sam Dolan. Creative Director and Co-Founder Sam was able to offer exactly what Brianne needed: a solution without ongoing costs such as user-based fees or Microsoft updates.

“What I liked about it was that it had all these templates the rest of our company could use as part of the out of the box product, which made the adoption process a lot easier. Because you don’t have to put up money or go through the design process. We already had these templates ready to go.”

Choosing a platform

Prior to partnering with Attollo, Brianne had spoken to six different design agencies, but none of them could offer what Attollo could – a unique platform that removed the costs associated with migrating content.

Internal communicators know better than anyone that content is king. This sentiment was certainly true for Brianne, as she not only took on the responsibility of choosing a new intranet for Keysight, but also all the content creation for the project.

This included writing five articles a week, managing the intranet, training over 100 people on how to use it and finally, creating 50 training videos. Brianne said: “The way that Attollo designed the templates means that content gets carried to all the departments, pages and other parts of the site. The whole thing always feels fresh, because I’m writing an article a day which is then getting sent everywhere.”

Sam told us that the key to the success of the Keysight rollout was down to creating an employee experience and utilising tagging abilities on the platform to ensure the content is consistently up to date.

“The features and news stories forever changing keeps it fresh. There's other bits and pieces being pulled in there from social media feeds, which makes it an experience. Each time you go on there, the discoverability is fantastic. It works really well, and it ticks all the boxes. It's definitely an example of how to do a project in our eyes.”

Sam and Brianne will be speaking at simplyIC on the 20th of May, discussing their award-winning intranet and the 5 steps to intranet success.


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