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Find out below how you can get access to over 100 2-minute training videos in 19 different series.

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2MC for Communicators is an on-demand video resource for communicators that teaches specific and usable skills in just two-minutes. It’s like having a personal coach in your ear. 

Research shows that attention spans are shrinking and the shorter, more impactful videos are becoming more appealing.  This point has never been more poignant than at the moment, where people's diaries are full of Teams calls and the time for professional development has shrunk to frustrating levels. This is where our training comes into it's own as it allows communicators to engage in micro learning instead of time consuming training courses with lots of content. 

This unique learning approach has been developed by Geri Rhoades, PhD in Education and a long-term leader in the communications industry. Through decades of working in comms, she understands that communicators are invaluable to the success of any organisation.  

With over 100 videos in 19 modules (videos are added as and when new topics enter the conversation), 2MC for Communicators quickly leads to increased confidence and competence in areas from Business Fundamentals to Coaching, Engagement, and Inclusion; and Crisis and Change to Relationship Building.  Modules also include videos designed for people leaders and associates to help improve communication skills.

For just £150 + VAT, you can have year-long access to this wealth of action-based learning and build on your communication skills.  

What you'll achieve

  • Gain knowledge that directly applies to the work you do.
  • Develop skills necessary to be a great communication partner.
  • Identify new ways of working that elevate your communication position.
  • Produce better results from your partnerships and communication efforts.
  • Learn skills that set you apart from the rest.

Modules within the course:

  • Business writing
  • Leading effective meetings
  • Presentation skills
  • Remote workforce communication
  • Coaching
  • Diversity & inclusion
  • Engagement, mission & vision
  • Storytelling
  • Change communication
  • Communication during a crisis
  • Communicating out of a crisis
  • Communication approaches
  • The deeper stuff
  • Styles and non-verbals
  • Persuasion
  • Conflict management
  • Tough conversations
  • FPL: Conducting successful interviews (for people leaders)
  • FPL: Powerful performance conversations

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For just £150 you can have access to this wealth of training videos for an entire year!

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