IAG create a buddy system for tech and business remote workers

Insurance company IAG have created a ” buddy system” where their technology staff can communicate with staff from their business divisions to solve any IT issues that may have occurred during Covid.

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David Earls, executive general manager of enterprise service in IAG’s technology division, said he viewed the buddy system as “the standout” initiative that the company took on board during the pandemic, with other initiatives being a “tech drive-thru” to help with the staff’s working from home setup and one-off $400 payments.

Earls said that everyone from the tech team buddied up with their business division colleagues to help remedy any tech issues and to help with their working from home situation.

He commented: “I would call out the buddy system as being probably one of my highlights. It goes to the heart of the culture at IAG where we really are about making the world a safer place and helping each other.”

The buddy system fits in with the companies’ focus this year, which Earls says is to improve employee’s ability to work from anywhere.

“Thirty (30) percent of our staff were predominantly working from home pre-COVID. We had already created the patterns and the designs that allow us to securely allow people to work from home in a good manner, allowing them to be highly productive, and to communicate and collaborate efficiently with their teams and other teams across the organisation and with their customers.

“COVID clearly was the next step because we’ve gone from 30 percent to high 90s percent working from home on a permanent basis, not on a predominant basis.”


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