Industry report finds nearly a quarter of organisations see their social platform as a ‘waste of resources’

Consultancy Knowman and digital collaboration experts Orangetrail, have released a report detailing their findings from their social collaboration maturity scan.

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The scan assesses organisations “maturity” when it comes to using enterprise social platforms, which focuses on seven key areas.
According to a new report by the consultancy team, Knowman and digital collaboration specialists, Orangetrail, organisations are not capitalising on the potential to make their employees more engaged and their teams smarter and faster. They are merely replicating old ways of working.

In a report launched this week, the research finds most organisations are underutilising their social communication and collaboration platforms; even in the current Covid-19 scenario.

It further uncovers the scale of underutilisation of enterprise social platforms. Organisations are using these platforms for activities they were already doing before and are not seriously innovating their work practices to take full advantage of enterprise social tools. This means that there still is a significant upside to the potential value these platforms can deliver.

Social platforms can help leaders drive their strategic agenda much more effectively and create more engagement amongst employees. Very few leaders are aware of these possibilities and not many are stepping up to become networked leaders.

Communications departments are heavy users of this technology, but they need to revamp their approaches. We found that only those communication teams that tailor their content to this medium achieve high levels of engagement. It is surprising how many organisations are still not doing this.

Most organisations are only using conferencing and chat functions. They do not use other options that have a far greater impact on productivity


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Is there a link to the Report? Interesting to know if 75% find their platforms a good ROI...