Mental health & wellbeing put on "the back burner" for the workplace

Leading wellbeing and performance company PUSH discovered in their recent report that our desire to return to the workplace may be for the wrong reasons

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The Human Element report commissioned by PUSH shows that 40% of employees do not want to return to the office to work full time as they found working from a home environment was better for their mental wellbeing, and they fear working from the office could mean working there 100% of the time now the pandemic is finally at its end.

40% of employees also feel pressured to return to the office as they suspect that is what their employer desires because they think their employees achieve less remotely.

Yet, 35% feel they have achieved more from working at home.

PUSH Founder Cate Murden explains “The numbers that came back from this survey were shocking, but not surprising. If nothing else, it shows that we are still a long way from placing people at the heart of the organisation and not just bottom lines. Why, if we know we are doing better from home, are we feeling pressured to go back into the office?

Overlooking old behaviours and not learning from the past 12 months will be the downfall of many companies. Over the course of the pandemic alone we have supported some of the largest household names, including Whitbread, Toyota, Urban Outfitters and Rightmove, as they prepare for the wave of mental health issues that come with the new era of work. It is these companies, the ones that have used this time to adapt and grow, that will succeed.”

To download the full report, click here.

Cate Murden will be running a roundtable on the human element report & wellbeing at simplyIC, 19th & 20th May. You can book free tickets here.


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Looking forward to hearing Cate run one of the roundtables at next week's simplyIC