Microsoft announce new community and Q&A insights on Yammer

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Following a successful test phase in preview, Microsoft have finished the year with an exciting announcement: the launch of new community and Q&A insights on Yammer.

The new functionality is great news for community managers, who are now able to track interactions, engagement and overall response to announcements, messages, questions and answers.

By tracking community reach, organisations can get a clear idea of what’s working and where they need to tweak messaging to suit their audience.

The analytics within the new community pages can be found under the ‘About’ tab, including metrics such as active and non-active members and posted messages, read messages and ‘reacted to’ messages.

There’s plenty to learn about the way an organisation behaves through the community insights, which show the volume of questions and answers, the status of new questions and how many of them have been marked ‘best answer.’

Growing membership and building community is something we’re always excited about, because of our wonderful simplycommunity.

This new feature from Microsoft is a continued step in the right direction to enable the organisations and communications teams to learn more about their audiences.


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