Microsoft announces a host of changes to Windows 10, including Outlook and antivirus

In place of its current Mail and Calendar apps, Microsoft is developing a new Outlook programme, codenamed Monarch.

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Although it’s not expected to be launched anytime soon, aptly named as its ‘one Outlook’ vision, the new mail client is being designed to work seamlessly on Windows 10, MacOS and the web.

Leaked early and spotted by Richard Hay at ITProToday, the new app is described as being great for ‘large-screen experiences’ and requires an internal Microsoft login to run successfully.

The new programme is thought to be in the early stages and is being put through its paces by software testers.

Predicted for release sometime in 2022, it’s expected to look similar to the current Outlook Web version, but with an improved experience for the end-user.

Improvements include native OS integration for offline storage and notification facilities.

The tech giant is also working on an upgrade of its security systems on Windows 10, namely Microsoft Defender for Office 365.

The software upgrades will make it easier for security teams to mitigate threats and combat suspicious emails. The first update is categorised as ‘additional remediation actions’, initially applicable to malicious emails only.

The second update is due to be focused on ‘remediation enhancements’ to protect organisations’ IT infrastructure and provide additional ways to review and deal with potential threats.

Jonathan Phillips, Head of Consulting at simplycommunicate said: “Enterprise email remains a core productivity tool, so this investment from Microsoft is very welcome. While there have been some attempts to ‘re-imagine the inbox’ from companies like Google and Hey, it’s largely unchanged in 30 years. Visual improvements are needed, so it’d be nice to see some true innovation.”


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