Microsoft Teams introduces Yammer integration

Recently Microsoft announced that Yammer will be integrated into Microsoft Teams. The integration comes in the form of an app called “communities”. The new app will be housed in your Teams sidebar after selecting the app from the Microsoft teams store.

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Murali Sitaram, General Manager of Yammer said of the new development: ‘By bringing Yammer into Teams, we want to make it easier for leaders and communicators to quickly and effectively communicate with their teams and organizations, even when they need to work apart’.

With the app, you can share updates, polls and keep in the loop with your organisation and even a wider audience. Users also have access to live events in Yammer, so they are still able to have interactive meetings and conferences.

Unfortunately, for now, the app only works on desktop and the web, but Microsoft have mentioned that they will continue to work on the app to introduce the new features.

Last year, Yammer received a brand-new look. Pairing up with the younger Microsoft teams, may keep pushing Microsoft into the must have for enterprise and collaboration solutions during Covid-19 and beyond.

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