Microsoft Teams reaches more than 44 million users (Apr 2020)

The current pandemic may have caused many businesses to come to a standstill, but this doesn’t seem the case for Microsoft. Late last year, it was announced that teams had over 20 million daily users and now, in the midst of the virus, the number has doubled.

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The company’s 365 corporate VP Jared Spataro, revealed in a blog post that the software giant has seen a 775% increase in their cloud services “in regions that have enforced social distancing or shelter in place orders” and Microsoft teams has reached more than 44 million daily users globally. In just a week, those users have racked up “over 900 million meeting and call minutes”.

Spataro also added that windows virtual desktop usage is up 3x and government use of public power BI to share updates and information on the Coronavirus to the world has skyrocketed by 42 percent in 7 days.

As mentioned in our own posts on simply, more companies began to deploy Microsoft teams as the events of Coronavirus unfolded. With many workers switching from their office to their home, it has become imperative that employees engage and collaborate just as effectively, but this time in a virtual way and not to your co-worker who sits next to the coffee machine (now we all have that luxury!)

We have held virtual meetings weekly to help individuals and businesses in our community to get to grips with the online product and navigate it with ease. To find out more about our teams training, check out our upcoming dates.

To further accompany their success, this week Microsoft announced that they have launched a consumer edition of teams, so now it can be used to connect with friends and family daily, making room for a rival to other online chat systems such as WhatsApp. This edition will be available for users later in the year.

You can check out Jared Spataro’s blog post here.

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