Modern Collaboration Architecture by Microsoft: Enabling modern collaboration

Microsoft publishes whitepaper to support the acceleration of the adoption of modern workplace productivity using the 365 suite.

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If you're in the throes of rolling out Microsoft 365, you'll be pleased to know Microsoft has recently released a new whitepaper, 'Modern Collaboration Architecture' (MOCA) which is designed to help its users better understand which tool to use when including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Yammer and the rest of the Microsoft 365 suite.

The Office 365 stack is the gift that keeps on giving with some fantastic upgrades coming out of the firm. With MOCA, Microsoft aims to help organisations and professionals use the O365 suite to its maximum potential and uncover new ways of working together.

It is designed: 

  1. To users drive digital culture change across the organisation with an understanding of the dynamics that need to be addressed at the individual, team, community and organisation level.
  2. To address the “which tool when?” question, demonstrating how all the different tools are designed to integrate to deliver a unified collaboration experience across the organisation.

Here at simply, we have roadtested MOCA. As you would suspect for such a vast product, there is a LOT of content and a lot to decipher. For internal communicators, it's a bit of a myriad of information but undoubtedly a good starting point. 

If you are rolling out O365 or you need help with something to do with the platform, don't forget we're here to help. Later this year we will be hosting a technology showcase specifically on 0365 later this year to bring our community up to speed on the latest developments and advice. Stay tuned for dates and timings via our website.

Or, if you need specific advice, our resident expert and head of consulting, Jonathan Phillips is on hand for a free, no obligation chat. 

For more information on MOCA by Microsoft, click here.


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