NHS launch new digital workplace framework to save costs of £75m

NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) have launched a procurement framework to help the NHS purchase cost-effective IT solutions. The framework has an estimated value of 500m and could see the company save 15%, representing a potential £75m cost saving for the public sector.

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Named the digital workplace framework, 28 public sector suppliers have been selected to offer their IT solutions and technology to the NHS, providing a way to procure enterprise agreements. The framework will run until August 2022 with an optional extension of 2 years.

The new agreement will include support on things such as storage, networking, desktop operating systems, and enterprise software.

Phil Davies, director of procurement at NHS SBS, said: “This new framework has been developed to build on the success of our previous Link: IT Solutions agreement, which was very well used by the NHS and wider public sector.

“It provides ease and peace of mind for organisations looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to meet their software and IT needs.

“As remote working has become commonplace due to COVID-19, the launch of the Digital Workplace Solutions Framework means public sector organisations can access technologies like VPN remote access and virtual desktops, which can be needed to mobilise home working securely and effectively.”

This is not the first time NHS have turned to tech solutions to help improve their systems and way of working. Last week, a consortium of NHS trusts signed a deal with imaging technology provider Sectra, to advance how hospitals share and access diagnostic imaging. London North West University NHS trust deployed a communications platform that transformed their appointment management and NHSX placed health informatics company Alcidion on their procurement system called the Communications Procurement Framework, to help minimize the use of NHS pagers.


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