Pandemic Burnout: 68% suffering from workplace burnout due to WFH; 37% now switching jobs

A recent survey by Fishbowl, a social network for professionals reveals insights into users’ feelings on working from home, from experiencing burnout, fear of job loss, and a struggle to balance other priorities, such as childcare.

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Last October, before the pandemic forced most employees to work from home, Fishbowl asked users if they were suffering from workplace burnout. Over 11,000 responded, with 58 percent they were in fact suffering from burnout at the time.

A subsequent survey with 16,027 respondents, found technology came out as the industry where people feel the burnout most, with 74.27%. With 70.45% of women admitting to feeling burnout, the percentage for men was lower with 67.38%. 

With working from home potentially becoming more of a permanent solution for workforces around the world, the figures from these surveys suggest employee wellbeing will be in the spotlight and possible strategies need to be revisited and improved.

Looking for more data showing the impact Covid-19 is having on employees? Here are some further figures from the company: 

  • 29% say working from home during the pandemic has made their romantic relationship stronger.
  • 31% of employees say ‘less synergy with coworkers’ is the biggest obstacle while working from home
  • 54% of employees fear there will be layoffs at their company, due to fallout from Covid-19.
  • 60% of working professions said that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused clients to pause or cancel work.
  • 62% of working parents are unable to juggle working from home and childcare.
  • According to teachers, less than half of students are showing up for their remote classes.
  • 42% of employees say they drink while working from home.
  • 53.97 percent of women say they stopped wearing makeup, 29.78 percent of men stopped shaving, and 1 out of 10 employees aren’t even wearing more than underwear on their Zoom calls.
  • 55% of employees say they work more hours each week than before the pandemic.


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