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Want to read Influential Internal Communication by Jenni Field? Write a review and she will send you a free copy.

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Influential Internal Communication is based on The Field Model™ and draws on research with CEOs and the best insights into people, organisations and chaos.

The theory is backed up with data and statistics from industry reports on workplace culture and real-world case studies, showing how chaos can impact a range of organisations of varying size and industry. 

Influential Internal  Communication will streamline any organisation’s IC practices and help drive engagement, efficiency and profit.

You will learn:

  • Why there’s chaos without communication and what toxic chaos looks like
  • How to understand organisations and people
  • How to apply The Field Model™ for the long term
  • Along with quick tips, case studies and insights from experts like Simon Sinek and Dr Brené Brown.

Just post your interest below and we'll get you that copy to review.

Marc Wright

Founder, simplycommunicate

I am the founder of simplycommunicate. I started my career in TV but soon fell in love with the art and science of internal communication. I ran and eventually owned a couple of agencies - Crown Business Communications and MCA Live before selling the latter to WPP. I have written and produced two series for the BBC TV: 20 Steps to Better Management and Inside Europe. I edited the Gower Handbook to Internal Communication and am a Past Chair of IABC Europe & Middle East.

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Go to the profile of Lauren Heathcote
6 months ago

I'd be interested in reviewing :) 

Go to the profile of Jo Ruckman
6 months ago

I'd be interested in reviewing the book. 

Go to the profile of Claire Allan
6 months ago

I'd be very happy to review. Looks like a really interesting and relevant read for all internal communicators. 

Go to the profile of Marc Wright
6 months ago

Thanks Lauren, Jo and Claire! I'll ask Jenni if she can involve you all - otherwise we'll do a virtual draw!

Go to the profile of Marc Wright
6 months ago

We are going to do this democratically and choose Lauren as you were first to ask! Can you send your postal address to Jenni at and she'll get it off to you for review! 

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. And Jenni will be running a virtual round table at simplyIC to talk about her book. More details soon

Go to the profile of Lauren Heathcote
5 months ago

Hi Marc, nearly at the end of the book - where would you like me to share my review? Feel free to email me

Go to the profile of Marc Wright
5 months ago

Hi Lauren,

I'm looking forward to reading it.  Please send your review to

Jenni Field will be at simplyIC where she will be discussing her book and talking questions at a Virtual Roundtable