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by Marc Wright 

When I first launched simplycommunicate 15 years ago, the internal communications landscape was unrecognisable from what we enjoy today. Printed newsletters abounded, approval processes averaged 3 weeks, and apart from a few pioneers in the BBC and BT no-one was even remotely thinking about a personalised intranet where staff might have a voice. 

Then social happened - like a meteor hitting the earth – and within a short period, industries much larger than ours like the Press, broadcast television, music and gaming were turned on their head. It became pretty clear to us that corporate communications would go the same way. 

I guess that we were lucky that we were able to write about this space and develop events, training and communities before the other players in IC. Being small and young we never invested in print and we lived and died through serving our community. We became obsessed with the idea that and collaborative tools could make the workplace more equitable, more enjoyable, and much, much more effective. 

When social arrived – so did our purpose: the ambition has since been to connect our community with the technology which helps them, their organisation, and their people, to navigate through challenges and vital changes – whether in society, in marketplaces or in a global pandemic. We believe that when changes hit complex organisations the best response is to simply communicate.  

This month simplycommunicate has turned 15. We’ve come of age at a time where the world has experienced a seismic shift which will change the course in which we will all do business.  

It is a time when Internal communicators are finally finding their place at the top table. I grant you that the seat you have been offered is a hot one. CEOs and colleagues expect you to react immediately, to give best advice in the now – not in the coming weeks. What we as a community say and do today, will be critical to the future success of the businesses in which we work.  

In recognition of this and in response to the needs of our community, simply has changed.  

You may have already seen early signs: new logo, our growing team, new events. But there’s more to come. In two weeks’, time simplycommunicate will be a membership-based community.  

What does this mean?  

All the content we have on our site and the new content we publish will be exclusive to our members.  

This approach enables us to invest deeply into research, case studies, training, and toolkits to provide you with the support you deserve and need as we all go back to work in the shadow of Covid-19.  

Through 10 carefully curated channels, our new platform will be easy to navigate, so you can find the advice you need at your fingertips. The new membership engine provides more and better opportunities to network with peers. And the content is being updated and increased in a living library of case studies, training materials, webinars, tips, how-to guides, templates and much more. In addition, we are investing more into our research and events pipeline - all included in your simplycommunity membership.  

Industry news and blogs will be published on our site and available for all to view. Those who are yet to join will be able to see what is on offer and can book into an event as a paying guest.  

It’s at times like this you will relish this heightened level of professional help: all of us will always know more than one of us.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We're here to support you whenever you need it. 

Please take a look around, let us know what you think. 

Lisa Pantelli

Director, Become Communications

I am a multiple award-winning employee engagement and internal communication specialist. 

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