simplyIC 2021: Behind the Scenes with BBC Studios

BBC Studios discussed how they transformed their communication and built a culture of trust with the help of simply partners Dynamic Signal.

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Dynamic Signal's Becky Graebe was joined by Katharine Spencer, Internal Communications Senior Advisor at BBC studios who shared with us their journey in improving their communication and employee experience.

With 4,000 staff based all across the world, BBC studios needed to find a way to keep their workforce engaged after noticing a decline in their employee experience.

From implementation in March to launch in July last year, they worked closely with Dynamic Signal to transform their communications and create a slick new content-laced digital workplace that better supported and promoted engagement across the many teams.

Watch the full session here:

About Dynamic Signal: Dynamic signal is an American technology company and offer a mobile-first communications platform to HR, communications and marketing companies.

About BBC Studios: BBC studios is a global content production company that creates and distributes its content. It's home to most of BBC's in-house production departments.


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