simplyIC 2021: Cai Kjaer of SWOOP Analytics on Teams benchmarking

We opened simplyIC Day Two with an insightful and exclusive presentation from Cai, as we learned how Microsoft Teams is engaging employees in SWOOP's benchmarking report.

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Cai Kjaer, CEO of SWOOP Analytics, opened the show on Day Two with presenters Marc Wright and Annique Simpson, for a first look at their Microsoft Teams Benchmarking Report. 

Cai made his name doing analytics for Microsoft, first on Yammer, and now on Teams. He told us how the 'seismic shift' in remote work has accelerated Teams, likening it to analogue vs digital. 

In the largest study of Microsoft Teams usage ever taken, SWOOP Analytics set about finding out who did this transition well, and what we can learn from it.

See Cai's presentation in full here: 

About SWOOP:

SWOOP specialise in collaboration analytics for Microsoft Teams, Yammer and Workplace from Facebook. The company encourages employers and leaders around the world to create a successful digital workplace using personal and enterprise data. Cai is a subject matter expert on measuring collaboration and his goal is to help organisations and their people to become better collaborators.


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