simplyIC 2021: Dan Penton and Sarah Meurer tell us the secret to campaign success

In this joint session, Dan Penton and Sarah Meurer share their insights on creating and managing engaging campaigns and how we can do the same.

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Sarah Meurer, Vice President of Global Internal Communications at Elsevier and Dan Penton, Co-Founder of IC Plan, joined Marc Wright and Annique Simpson on the virtual sofa to talk campaigns on a large scale. 

Drawing on her recent experience at Nestle, Sarah told us how she adopted a campaign mindset when approaching her comms planning, with initiatives such as 'moments of joy' and 'together we can.'  

"The pandemic brought about some really interesting ways of rethinking internal communications, not least in terms of pace, but also in terms of the way that we went about communication. I think the thing that was fundamentally different was that we were dealing with people and emotion."

Dan shared how international companies are managing 'air traffic control' of their internal communications. "With teams working remotely, you need to have a regular touchpoint where you are reviewing what content is taking place across the organisation. Most teams work without doing this on a regular basis, and it really is vital that everyone is clear on what is being communicated." 

Watch the full video below to hear more!


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