simplyIC 2021: Dev Mistry and Karen Kadin on engagement in a hybrid world

We welcomed duo Dev and Karen to the stage to find out what the future of work looks like at Virgin Media and the plan for hybrid events at Brands at Work.

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This was a much anticipated session at simplyIC, as we called upon Dev Mistry, Internal Communications Executive at Virgin Media and Karen Kadin, Managing Director of Brands at Work to discuss the hot topics of the return to work and the future of work. 

Our takeaways were:

  • Plenty of shifts and transitions took place during 2020, including adjusting communications and turning events virtual
  • There are ongoing challenges with logistics due to the pandemic, as global audiences may not be able to travel
  • Measurement is key. By using surveys and polls to find out how people are feeling, we're able to understand the 'why'

"We're carefully creating and curating an omnichannel experience with the audience in mind." - Karen

"All day events are tiring. How are we making the most of people's time?" - Dev

Watch the session in full here:


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