simplyIC 2021: Georgie Barrat on the latest tech trends

In our opening keynote on Day Two, Georgie Barrat, tech enthusiast and presenter on The Gadget Show, shared how emerging trends will affect IC professionals.

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Georgie opened the show on Day Two with an insightful and engaging session on the future of tech, with a focus on how new trends will shape our working lives. 

Georgie used her experience in the tech world to highlight how consumer interfaces, such as chatbots, are changing the way we communicate with each other. 

Here are our favourite quotes from Georgie's session:

"Technology is the glue that's held everything together throughout lockdown."

"It turns out, AI actually makes a very good driver." (Driverless cars)

"In our personal lives, we can have AI as a friend, and in the workplace, they can suggest we ask for a pay rise!"

"The future of AI means we can free-up humans, maintain equipment and build connections. But what does it mean for employees whose jobs are replaced by robots?"

You can watch the full session here:


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