simplyIC 2021: Geri Rhoades on boosting line manager communication

Geri Rhoades, president of the 2-minute communicator joined us on Day Two to share the results of her global study into line manager communication competencies.

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Geri spoke to Marc Wright from across the pond, to offer insight into how communicators can help line managers to build the skills they need and the confidence they want.

Geri gave us an exclusive look into the results of her study, which uses ten key communication competency markers to gauge how line managers are performing. 

Brian Callihan, Regional Director at Dow Engineering, joined the conversation to explore the role of communication in management.

Our favourite quotes from the session:

"It's importance vs performance. Managers need to focus on areas such as managing conflict, enabling D&I and building relationships to become the best they can be. 91% of employees believe that their managers don't know how to communicate." - Geri

"Covid forced us to amplify our game. It brought together our teams and allowed us to focus on a less is more concept. We need to understand that we can't ask everyone to do 100 things, and do them all well." - Brian

Watch the session in full below:


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