simplyIC 2021: Kristin Graham and Jim Ylisela on email and digital comms across the pond

Kristin Graham, IC expert and Jim Ylisela of Regan Consulting entertained us with a fun session on using 'snackable storytelling' to keep employees engaged.

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Kristin and Jim told us how the attention fatigue caused by the pandemic has created this idea of 'attention economy', meaning that IC professionals need to find ways to keep their people engaged with the things that really matter. 

Armed with a cocktail shaker and a martini, Kristin and Jim closed the show with inspiring stories of organisational change and positive plans for the future of IC.

Here are our favourite quotes from their session:

"There isn't a company out there that doesn't need to dust off and refresh their culture." - Kristin

"This is the moment for internal comms. Internal comms has never been in the spotlight more than it has in the last year." - Jim

"Write messy. The words get better and shorter, which has to be key. What do we need to do for them to click on it and open it?" - Kristin

"DE&I has come up as something very important in changing our culture." - Jim

You can watch the full session below:


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