simplyIC 2021: The Power of Inclusion

In our final video recap, we say goodbye to simplyIC 2021 with a poignant and moving session on DE&I with Christina Fee and Amrit Nijjar.

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Arguably one of our most anticipated and popular sessions of this year's simplyIC, presenter Annique Simpson was joined by Christina Fee, Director of Foretold, and Amrit Nijjar, Inclusion and Belonging Manager at Tarmac. 

Christina and Amrit created a safe space to share their experiences of discrimination in the workplace, including sexism and racism. 

The IC community also heard what we need to do as a collective to influence change and how to support and understand the stories of our colleagues. 

Our favourite quotes from the session were: 

"People of colour are being discriminated against and we need to stop that. Unconscious bias training doesn't work on its own, comms need to be accessible for everyone." - Amrit

"The lid is off now, and it's not going back on. Marginalised groups need to be brought to the top of the conversation." - Christina

Watch the full session now:


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