simplyIC 2021: Your system has been breached!

CEO of Templar Executives, Andrew Fitzmaurice, presented a session on cybersecurity at the conference, highlighting just how important the subject is now that remote working is here to stay.

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Cybersecurity has long been avoided - both in action as well as in discussion. It's that dreaded subject that leads us to switch off our computers when things go wrong, in the hope that it reboots and fixes the issue.

Andrew Fitzmaurice knows his stuff. He knows why cybersecurity should be important and why IC folk need to be up to date on the subject, especially now remote working is here for the long haul. Not only does he delve into the subject with enthusiasm and intrigue, but he also breaks it down in a way that's appealing and insightful for the audience.

From research reports, Andrew reveals that there has been a 161% increase in the use of high-risk apps and websites, and with home workers at an all-time high, 1 in 5 workers have not been trained on cybersecurity. 

Watch the full session from Andrew here and learn more:

About Andrew: 

Andrew is CEO of Templar Executives, an international, award-winning Cyber Security advisory company. He is a Visiting Professor at Oxford University and an Expert Advisor to the Global Cyber Capacity Building Centre based at the Oxford Martin School at Oxford University.

Andrew is also advising on the FCDO Commonwealth Cyber Security Programme as a mentor to Ministers and works closely with the Department for International Trade (DIT). He has worked in the Cabinet Office where he set up and ran the Office of the Government Senior Information Risk Owner (OGSIRO).

He has also been closely involved in authoring key publications and policies including: The Data Handling Review; The IA Diagnostic Methodology; the Ministry of Defence Information Assurance Strategy; and the UK’s National Information Assurance/Cyber Security strategies.


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