simplyIC: a Fresh case study with Highways England and DVSA

Gold sponsors of simplyIC, Fresh, were joined by DVSA and Highways England to discuss a remote-first approach for frontline workers.

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Engaging remote workers was on the agenda in this popular simplyIC session, presented by Annique Simpson. Annique was joined by Vicki Davies from Highways England, Leigh Barlow from DVSA and Dave Bowman from Fresh Intranet. 

Vicki shared her tips on reaching employees out on the roads with changing working patterns: "We wanted to have a channel that supported conversations, a digital solution where we could see personalisation and provide employee value proposition for our colleagues. It was important to address information overload and target content correctly to give managers ownership."

Leigh shared his thoughts on engaging DVSA staff, including driving examiners: "We use operational newsletters, Yammer and our intranet. When the pandemic hit, our internal comms team were really quick to deliver webinars with our chief executive, directors and the operational side of the organisation. It was great for us to get that two-way engagement."

Annique also found out from Dave how Microsoft is adjusting its licenses to suit the new ways of working: "Microsoft have a couple of different licensing plans for frontline employees, F1 and F3. The main difference in these licenses is that they don't have the desktop apps. Microsoft Teams is the hub for getting things done and will be the onboard app, rather than accessing through a browser."

You can watch the full session here: 


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