simplyIC: Keynote Dhruti Shah: "You can only feel you belong if you have conversations"

BBC journalist and award-winning author Dhruti Shah closed the first day of our conference with a moving, powerful account of the importance of connections.

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Dhruti Shah discussed with our simply host, Annique Simpson, how her work at the BBC and beyond has allowed her to experience and educate others on the power of connections, communications and community to break down barriers and achieve goals. 

As a member of several networks, Dhruti knows all too well about the importance of connecting with a community to inspire growth and learning. "I want to make sure that in all the stories that I do, it's about saying to people there's a community out there, and here's something to shed a light on one you don't necessarily know about. I do this with my storytelling, but I can't do it alone".

Dhruti Shah chats with simplyiC host Annique Simpson from our studio
Dhruti Shah chats with simplyIC host Annique Simpson from our studio.

Watch Dhruti's session in full here:

About Dhruti:

Dhruti Shah is an award-winning journalist and author. She was trained in newspapers before moving to the BBC where she has spent the last 13 years of her career. She studied English at Oxford University; is an Ochberg Fellow at the Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma at Columbia University, New York; and has a Rotary International Peace Fellowship. She is a member of the Women of the Future network, the Clore Cultural Leaders Network and the Society of Authors. Her debut book, Bear Markets and Beyond: A Bestiary of Business Terms, is out now.


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