simplyIC: Opening keynote Greg Williams on the future of work

The editor-in-chief of WIRED UK got simplyIC off to a strong start on the future of tech trends and hybrid working for internal communicators.

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Greg Williams opened the simplyIC conference on the 19th May, delivering a keynote on tech trends for the future. The editor-in-chief touched upon e-commerce, digital currency and even fossil fuels as some of the things to watch as our landscape continues to change and expand post-pandemic.

A hot topic was changes in the workplace, where Greg shared his views on hybrid working and the future of his own WIRED offices. "Having flexibility for teams is going to be very powerful. Culture is going to be the most important thing", commented Greg.

Interfaces are also set to get an upgrade. Watch Greg's full session below to find out which types of technology he has his eye on.

About Greg:

Greg Williams is editor-in-chief at WIRED UK and is a leading authority on technology trends and how those impact business and society. As a journalist and author of five novels, Greg possesses a unique combination of storytelling expertise and in-depth knowledge of the future of technology and entrepreneurship.

He speaks on aspects such as the internet of things, smartphones as a remote control for life, wearables, hardware as the new software, robotics and artificial intelligence, the power shift from top-down to distributed models, e-commerce, data and why old business models don’t work.


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