simplyIC roundup: 28th May

Following the massive success of simplyIC 2021, we're reviewing our best content so far, so you don't miss a thing!

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The great thing about simplyIC is that it gives us so much food for thought, not just as a team, but as a community. Instead of general internal comms news, this week we're revisiting some of our most popular sessions from Day One

First up, we covered our keynote speakers from Day One, Greg Williams from Wired and Dhruti Shah from the BBC. 

Greg opened the show on the 19th of May with a review of current tech trends and the future of work. You can watch Greg's full talk here, presented by Marc Wright. 

Dhruti closed the show, highlighting the power of internal connections, particularly in communications and for communities. Hear Dhruti's inspiring talk here, presented by Annique Simpson. 

Next, we're focusing on two of our fabulous partners, Microsoft and Fresh, who joined us for exclusive sessions on engaging employees and employee experience.

Christopher McNulty from Microsoft delivered an eye-opening presentation on Microsoft Viva and the problems it intends to solve. See it for yourself here.

A multi-way case study was next, featuring Dave Bowman from Fresh, Vicki Davies from Highways England and Leigh Barlow from DVSA. The group discussed how to effectively reach their frontline workers. Watch the full session now.

Coming up next week: we delve into cybersecurity with Andrew Fitzmaurice from Templar Executives and launching a new intranet with Clare Clark and Matt Holder from EY. Watch this space! 


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