simplynews roundup: 23rd July

This week, we've got an investment, a start-up and news from Netflix!

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  1. Simpplr raises $32M for its intranet platform

Simpplr describe themselves as a platform that enables the build of employee communications and enablement platforms, otherwise known as intranets.

TechCrunch reported that the company has raised an impressive $32million in Series C funding from Tola Capital. This investment follows Salesforce Ventures and George Still Ventures, bringing Simpplr’s total funding to over $61million.

Company CEO and founder Dhiraj Sharmathe said: “The company’s thesis was always that the world was moving toward remote/hybrid work. The pandemic only accelerated this process and with that, the sense of urgency in our customer base to modernize their own platforms for communicating with their employees.”

  1. Former Facebook Execs Join Early-Stage Start-up Pigment

Yahoo News shared that the creators of Workplace from Facebook, Julien Lesaicherre and Rebeca Tristan, have joined Pigment, a business planning start-up with a $25.9 million Series A investment.

Julien is joining Pigment as Head of Business, whilst Rebeca will be Head of Customer Experience. This is a move in a great wave of former Facebook employees joining new start-ups to share their expert knowledge and skills.

  1. Netflix CEO responds to 'Slack firing'

Following our most recent article on the success of Netflix and the brand’s brilliant way of utilising UX design to offer personalised recommendations, there’s drama going on at HQ.

The company CEO, Ted Sarandos, has spoken out to confirm that three employees were sacked from their roles in the marketing team due to criticising management via messaging channel, Slack.

It was previously reported that the employees were fired because of private chats, but Sarandos set the record straight that it was in fact an open channel. The moral of the story is, whilst it’s unethical for companies to spy on employee chats, it’s even worse for employees to make such a public mistake.


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