simplynews roundup: 30th April

Tech wins this week!

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  1. Microsoft Teams now has 145 million Daily Active Users (DAU)

It’s great news for Microsoft this week, as another announcement catapults its success into the limelight. As the headline suggests, the company’s Q1 2021 earnings show 145 million Daily Active Users, compared to 115 million in October last year.

Microsoft calculate Daily Active Users by monitoring active responses such as joining a meeting, opening a file and sending or replying to a message.

These ‘intentional actions’ are gathered over a 24-hour period and include desktop, mobile and web.

  1. European Union publishes its proposals for the regulation of artificial intelligence

As reported by Digital Bulletin, the suggested rules play a huge part in the struggle over the technology market between China and the US, as they include the regulation of artificial intelligence.

‘Regulation’ sounds like a negative word, but in reality, the proposal put a strong emphasis on the importance of start-up innovation, building excellence and trust and the potential positive impact.

There was also a proposed ban on mass surveillance, a topic that has been an important one for internal communicators in recent weeks. It was set out to include the following: “remote biometric identification systems in publicly accessible spaces for the purpose of law enforcement.”

  1. Intel and Microsoft team up to tackle cryptojacking

Intel and Microsoft are raging war on cryptojacking, which is defined by Google as “malware that infects computers to use them to mine cryptocurrencies usually without user’s knowledge.”

The new solution will be delivered via Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for better detection, even when the malware is designed to avoid security tools.

  1. City of London to convert offices into homes in post-Covid revamp

This news is likely to evoke a split response: one of relief as new homes are created for Londoners, and two of annoyance for those of us who wish to return to the central London office lifestyle.

The BBC reported that The City of London Corporation plans to build at least 1,500 homes by 2030, in hope of reviving the area following the pandemic.

The Corporation said this would include at least 35% affordable housing "with an ambition to deliver higher levels of affordable housing where this is viable".

'Affordable housing' is of course open to interpretation, but this is not a surprising move as in March 2020, 7,850 residential units were being used by financial services firms, who are now mostly working from home.

  1. The Technology 202: Software company Basecamp restricts talk of politics and social issues at work

The Washington Post reported this week that Basecamp, a software company based in Chicago, has followed Facebook and cryptocurrency company Coinbase in restricting political discussions at work.

The announcement was made by CEO Jason Fried, in a blog post where he called these conversations ‘a major distraction’ and ‘not healthy.’ 

You can read the full blogpost here.



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He called these conversations ‘a major distraction’ and ‘not healthy.’ Hmmmm