simplynews roundup: 30th July

It's nearly a new month (again!) and we're looking at the best IC news this week. So grab a cuppa and get stuck in.

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1. Birmingham 2022 appoints DRPG as Official Promotional Event Services Provider for the Commonwealth Games

It was announced today that creative communications group DRPG has been selected by the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games to provide support on key promotional activity. 

Following a successful lead up to the Games, including the creation and design of the mascot, Perry, and a countdown sports festival, DRPG will be a part of the biggest event in history to be held in the West Midlands.

Dale Parmenter, CEO of DRPG said"We are really excited to be supporting the Games every step of the way and long into the future as the legacy of the event lives on in Birmingham and beyond. This is a great opportunity for us to fully flex our creative muscles and connect with other key businesses in the region to work together and make this the best Commonwealth Games yet."

2. UK baking company Baked In champions a four-day work week

It was shared on LinkedIn News this week that Baked In, an online cake shop and subscription service, led by CEO and Founder Joseph Munns, is thriving thanks to the flexibility offered to its staff. 

Employees work Monday to Thursday, 9.5 hours per day as opposed to the standard 8 or 9 hours, which means a 3 day weekend for everyone. It's not just work/life balance that seems to have improved, but the stats speak for themselves too. 

The business has a turnover rate of only 5%, compared to the industry standard of 30%. Munn said that not only are his staff happier, but it's also "a really powerful recruitment and retention tool for the business."

3. Zoom Elevates Platform Experience with Launch of Zoom Apps and Zoom Events

Zoom, one of the world's best known video conferencing softwares, is expanding its offering with Zoom Apps and Zoom Events. Zoom Apps facilitates the embedding of third-party apps, including digital tools such as Asana and SurveyMonkey. 

Internal communicators are always looking for ways to better engage their staff during meetings, and it may just be that the brand new Zoom Apps is the answer. Zoom Events is doing much of the same, cutting through the virtual event fatigue we've all been feeling, by creating an experience for both hosts and attendees. 

Zoom Events features include: "event hubs, dedicated corporate virtual event spaces, customisable registration and networking through a chat-enabled virtual event lobby."

Have you read some interesting IC news this week? Let us know in the comments! 


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