simplynews roundup: 6th August

This week, we're covering startup success and massive growth in the job market. Don't miss your Friday fix of the best internal comms news from the experts.

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1. Britain's job market recovers, sparking a surge in vacancies

According to research by job board Indeed, vacancies in some areas of the country have soared to 200% more than last year. The Telegraph also reported that in addition to more vacancies, salaries are rising at the fastest pace in 24 years. 

This is thought to be due to a shortage of suitable candidates, forcing organisations to raise their offering to attract new talent. This is great news for jobseekers, but not so great for current employees who may find that candidates are being offered considerably higher salaries for doing the same job. 

2. London based office workers are still working remotely

Despite our Government pushing employees back to the office, especially young workers as it 'harms their careers', only 10.9% of London based workers have returned, compared to 11.5% nationally. 

A report shared by the Evening Standard covered 75 office buildings across the capital, with the figures put together in July. We reported last week that some employees are leaving their jobs due to being forced back to the office, and the data shows the true impact of that decision.

It remains to be seen how these figures will change as we approach the end of summer. 

3. Hopin holds title as the fastest growing European tech start up of all time

UK based virtual and hybrid events company, Hopin, announced on Thursday (5th) that it has raised another $450m in funding, making its total value up to $7.75bn. 

The latest round of funding was led by investors Arena Holdings and Altimeter Capital. Hopin's success came in 2020 as companies around the world sought out a virtual events platform to keep employees and clients engaged. 

Hopin said of the news:  “We will use the new funding to further scale the platform and invest in the development of its multi-product platform technologies, including building new product suites.”


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