The power of video for internal comms

We take a look at The Benchmark report from Moving Image, video content specialists, to find out what the IC community can learn from big brands such as Rolls-Royce.

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Since the boom of social media for business, and especially since the pandemic, video has become increasingly popular for users all around the world. According to research by HubSpot, 86% of businesses use video content as marketing tool, compared to 61% in 2016.

Moving Image, founded by Steve Garvey, carried out research between January and March 2021 to monitor the video performance of 50 top UK brands. Covering activity across LinkedIn and Instagram – the most used channels for business – Steve and his team collected insights on how brands use video on these platforms.

The report highlighted that luxury car brands Rolls-Royce and Aston Martin Lagonda generated the most engagement, with the latter attracting over 32,000 likes per video on Instagram.

When we talk about video content, we usually think of rich graphics, eye-catching colours and a captivating speaker or voiceover. However, one of the most popular LinkedIn posts in the report was a video from Rolls-Royce, an animation of how an engine is assembled, with no sound.

Steve said: “Every brand has fans, whatever the product or service, and fans just love video because it hooks their emotions. Our survey revealed Rolls-Royce as the most effective video communicators on LinkedIn, with an average 2,849 reactions per video.

Their films show engineering at work, most often in a simple video style, and engineers across LinkedIn respond enthusiastically. UK brands publish more videos on LinkedIn than ad-driven Instagram because that's where it gets the best engagement. With the right video strategy, the same should apply to your internal comms metrics.”

As our busy lives get busier, sometimes it’s not possible to watch a video with full sound, and for a long while brands have been inserting captions into their content so that we can watch anywhere, anytime. A video with no sound that is short and engaging can be a winner across digital channels.

Another headline piece of content from the Benchmark report was a Positive Beauty campaign from Unilever, that got over 300,000 likes on Instagram. The video ‘captured the spirit of inclusivity and sustainability’ and spread a positive message on the day following International Women’s Day. This insight shows that using national days with a campaign approach could boost engagement for internal communications activity.

In anything we do, we like to find out what our community thinks. We asked a group of 24 members if they use video content as part of their internal comms strategy, and an impressive 92% said yes. As internal communicators, we can learn from the brands featured in Moving Image’s Benchmark report, in how they connect with their audience through video.

Steve told us: “Video has been front and centre since the pandemic struck. It enabled colleagues to communicate with a human face from day one, offering emotional support where text or still images could not. This has embedded video more deeply in comms strategy as we come to terms with the new world.

But Zoom or Teams video fatigue is rife due to heavy use over the past year. There is an opportunity now to inspire colleagues with video that goes beyond functional communication. One example is Reckitt's rebrand film that generated over 300,000 views and 4,500 reactions on LinkedIn.”

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